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This Crypto Consulting distribution website is exclusively directed to professional and institutional clients with domicile or registered office in Switzerland within the meaning of art. 10 para. 3and 3ter CISA who waive the obligation to document and render account. The documents are intended for information purposes only and shall not be used as an offer to buy and/or sell shares. This website may contain advertising. Past performance is no indication of current or future performance and performance data do not take into account commissions and costs incurred on subscriptions or redemptions. By clicking on the button below, you confirm that you are a professional client pursuant to art. 10 para. 3 and 3ter CISA and that you also accept the attached terms and conditions. I understand that Crypto Consulting AG is subject to an information obligation pursuant to Art. 8 and 9 FinSA as well as a documentation and an accountability obligation pursuant to Art. 15 and 16 FinSA in connection with the provision of financial services in Switzerland. In accordance with Art. 20 para. 2 FinSA and unless otherwise instructed in writing, I expressly release Crypto Consulting AG from such information, documentation and accountability obligations.
The Offering Memorandum, the Memorandum and Articles of Association as well as the annual reports of Swissrex Crypto Fund Ltd. may be obtained free of charge from the Swiss Representative. In respect of the Shares offered and/or advertised in Switzerland to Qualified Investors, place of performance is at the registered office of the Swiss Representative. The place of jurisdiction is at the registered office of the Swiss Representative or at the registered office or place of residence of the investor. Swiss Representative: FIRST INDEPENDENT FUND SERVICES LTD, Klausstrasse 33, CH-8008 Zurich. Swiss Paying Agent: Helvetische Bank AG, Seefeldstrasse 215, CH-8008 Zurich. According to the Financial Services Act (FinSA) of January 1, 2020, every financial services provider must classify its clients into one of three categories: private client, professional client or institutional client (Client Segmentation). Customers who are not considered retail customers have the possibility of opting in. Due to the extensive documentation requirements, Crypto Consulting AG only focuses on professional and institutional clients, who waive the obligation to document and render account. The Information Sheet can be found here.