Crypto Consulting AG, established in May 2018, is a public limited company domiciled in Zurich, Switzerland. The company is a member of VQF, a Swiss self-regulation organisation.

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Crypto Product Distribution

Fundamental analysis of crypto tokens forms the basis for the investment decisions of the actively managed SwissRex Crypto Fund. The strategy gives the investor access to a diversified basket of Bitcoin and Altcoins. The tokens are analyzed on a daily basis and the positioning is actively managed. Learn more about the fund and the certificate here.

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Crypto is on the rise, but remains complex and demanding. We provide group-specific education with modules that can be combined according to your preferences. Please contact us for more information.

Module 1: Does Blockchain need crypto tokens?

Blockchain solves the double spending problem. This is explained with examples and a use case. The differentiation of private vs. public blockchains is tackled to learn about the incentive mechanism for miners and the use case of tokens. Electricity consumption is a hot topic when it comes to token mining and therefore, different consensus algorithms are being introduced and discussed. The example of Ethereum shows the change from proof of work to proof of stake and the forks that can result.

Module 2: Portfolio diversification with crypto

Crypto belongs in the alternative asset class. Low correlations among different asset classes are key when it comes to constructing a solid portfolio. Adding crypto to a mixed portfolio can improve the risk- return metrics of the portfolio. This is calculated and shown on the risk/return diagram. The asymmetric risk profile is explained and Alpha and Beta components are being discussed.

Module 3: Valuation of crypto tokens

Whether it is possible to value crypto tokens and how is discussed a lot. Existing models that cover the supply side (e.g. stock to flow) and the demand side (Metcalfe, S-Curve) are presented. In the end, both sides are united in the SwissRex Model and it’s fundamental valuation of Bitcoin. The fair value of Bitcoin by the end of the year is calculated.

Module 4: Investments in crypto tokens

Adoption requires infrastructure and interfaces for a simple use. What are the developments with regards to the infrastructure in Switzerland and worldwide? What matters when it comes to deciding for a broker, an exchange or a custodian? We’ll give an overview of the relevant due diligence questions and talk about the tools available for investing: spots, futures and swaps. Moreover, safe storage, the universe of existing crypto products and risk management is being introduced.


Support of token projects in the following areas:

  • Setup of White Paper / Terms
  • Calculation of Token Economics
  • Organisation of roundtables with interested parties


Désirée Velleuer, Partner


  • Co-founder Crypto Consulting AG and SwissRex AG
  • Launch of Crypto Fund based on fundamental analysis
  • Lecturer at HWC and for the Certified Crypto Finance Expert (CCFE)
  • Fund manager at GAM and Credit Suisse
  • Master’s degree in Banking and Finance, University of St.Gallen

Reto Stiffler, Partner


  • Co-founder Crypto Consulting AG and SwissRex AG
  • Launch of Crypto Fund based on fundamental analysis
  • Author of www.blockchain-nachrichten.com
  • CIO and Partner at BK & Associates
  • Fund manager at GAM
  • Portfolio risk manager at Julius Baer
  • Lic. rer. pol degree in economics, University of Fribourg
  • AZEK/CIIA financial analyst and portfolio manager


IASG Crypto has launched their Crypto Platform

which gives an excellent overview of exising Crypto Funds and their respective performance

Désirée Velleuer 4-hours lecture at the HWZ

Désirée Velleuer from Crypto Consulting AG held her first 4-hours lecture at the HWZ Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zürich on ‘Digital Finance’.

Best performing fund in Q1 2020

SwissRex Crypto Fund received Crypto Fund Research’s award for the best performance in Q1 2020. The fund is actively managed and based on fundamental research. It is distributed by Crypto Consulting AG

Best performing fund in February 2020

SwissRex Crypto Fund received BarclayHedge’s recognition award for excellence! The fund is actively managed and based on fundamental research. It is distributed by Crypto Consulting AG


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Désirée Velleuer, CEO

Reto Stiffler, Chairman